Home Insurance Brokers Long Stratton Norfolk

Home Insurance Brokers Long Stratton Norfolk

We are an Independent Insurance Broker based in Norfolk, offering a wide range of high quality, affordable insurance products. Home Insurance Brokers Long Stratton Norfolk.

As a homeowner, you should always look for ways to safeguard your home. Of course, no one plans to encounter unfortunate circumstances. But unfortunately, some of these situations are unavoidable. Getting your home insured gives you a form of security for when the rainy days come.

There are several ways of buying insurance. You can buy directly from a company through their provided agent or a freelance broker agent. Alternatively, you could acquire insurance with the help and guidance of professional Home Insurance Brokers Long Stratton Norfolk. This article explains everything you need to know about an insurance broker, when to use them, and why you need them.

What Do They Do?

Home Insurance Brokers Long Stratton Norfolk can be a single individual or a company that would stand as a middleman between the insurer and the insured. These brokers are licensed and trained to help you secure insurance for all types of properties, even those that you can’t find a willing insurer for. 

A broker is not an agent. An agent represents the insurance company, while the broker is your representative that secures the deal on your behalf. They help you acquire the best deal possible, and you pay them an agreed percentage of the insurance premium.

For a broker to serve you efficiently, you must equip them with essential information. With this information, they would analyse the available insurance deals and help you decide the most appropriate one. 

These brokers have access to multiple companies, so they can search from several providers and get you a wider range of deals than a regular insurance agent. As a result, they save you the time and hurdles involved in navigating different companies in search of the most appropriate deal.

There are two types of brokers: general brokers and specialised brokers. General brokers have limited market coverage, so they may not be ideal for the kind of protection you need. Specialised brokers, on the other hand, know multiple industries that can give you the right service that you need. 

They would also give you professional advice on accessing each insurance policy’s financial capacity before you purchase. If you already have existing insurance, they would review the contract and let you know if you have sufficient coverage.

Ask your real estate agent for recommendations if you’re wondering where to find these brokers.

Why Do You Need one?

Not everyone has to go through Home Insurance Brokers Long Stratton Norfolk. But then, premiums are getting higher by the day; there are more probates and taxes than ever. Getting insurance is no longer as easy as it used to be. 

But lucky for us all, brokers are available to provide professional service so that we don’t go through all the hurdles ourselves.

Here’s when and why you need Home Insurance Brokers Long Stratton Norfolk:

  • You have multiple homes
  • You want to save time and energy
  • You want to get the best insurance deals
  • You need professional advice
  • You need insurance urgently


You need to get the best deal to protect your home. If you can do this yourself, entrust the task to a professional who has been in the game for ages and knows all the ropes. Since the brokers are earning a percentage of the insurance premium, you can be sure they would put in the effort to get you the best insurance deal available.