Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham Norfolk

Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham Norfolk

Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham NorfolkWe are an Independent Insurance Broker based in Norfolk, offering a wide range of high quality, affordable insurance products. Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham Norfolk.

An insured house protects risks and direct liabilities to the landlord. It equally leaves a great level of confidence in the tenants as they are sure of quick response and repair in cases of damage. 

However, getting the right insurance for your property as a landlord depends on your knowledge of landlord insurance programs, operations, and brokers. Let us quickly provide you with the things to know about Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham Norfolk in this article.

What are the types of Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham Norfolk?

You can find up to six kinds of landlord insurance programs to choose from as a landlord:

Landlord’s Building Insurance

With this insurance program, you can comfortably cover damages such as floods, vandalism, and fire. The coverage covered under the landlord’s building insurance is for rebuilding and for repair.

Property Owner’s Liability Insurance

Have you thought of a tenant or visitor making claims for compensation on damage or injuries sustained or caused by your property? Well, it is real. It doesn’t really show that your tenants are mischievous, but with property Owner’s insurance, you can be protected against such risks and damages.

Landlord’s Content Insurance

The landlord’s content insurance allows you to cover risks against your furniture, your items of decorations as well as other appliances in your house. This won’t, however, cover your tenant’s properties in the house, except they insure theirs.

Legal Expenses Insurance

This covers all legal cases that you may need to make regarding your property as a landlord.

Accidental Damage Insurance

Signing in for this program will cover replacements and repairs in cases of accidents and damages.

Tenant Default Cover

This covers for risks associated with your tenants not paying up their rents for a period of two consecutive months at least.

What is the difference between homeowner and landlord insurance

Being a homeowner doesn’t really qualify you for Landlord’s insurance because both are different. Although both homeowner insurance and landlord insurance may cover the same liabilities, your homeowner insurance doesn’t really cover your property for rent as they both differ. 

Apart from not covering personal contents in your building, the coverage cost for landlord insurance is always generally higher by 15% than homeowners insurance.

How to interact with your Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham Norfolk

Your interactions with your broker once you have made up your mind to insure your property should be question-based. You will get the best insurance program for your house as a landlord if you ask your broker some of these key questions:

  • How do I reduce my insurance cost? Will adding repairs and upgrades assist?
  • What kind of damage or programs do the policies cover, if a flood, will it include sewer backup or tenant errors?
  • What number of deductibles do I have on my policy?
  • Will my location affect my coverage or do I need to take additional coverage because of my distance?
  • Does the policy cover tenant negligence and acts of criminality?
  • How will the damage and replacement fee be calculated under this policy?
  • What are those things not included in my landlord insurance?


Landlord’s insurance brokers are your best guides to both getting good landlord insurance programs and understanding the company’s operations and coverages. In the article above, we have taken you through the basic things that Landlord Insurance Brokers Wymondham Norfolk would get you through, as well as the basic questions you may need to ask them in order to get the best out of your landlord insurance programs.